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SecuraStock Theft Buy-Back Policy

The SecuraStock Theft Buy-Back Policy (the "Policy") establishes the terms and conditions upon which the customer can request a buy-back of a SecuraStock, SecuraChem, SecuraCrib or SecuraPort inventory management vending unit (the "Machine") that experiences theft. The buy-back window under this Policy extends for ninety (90) days from the initial installation date of each Machine purchased by customer.


In order to make a claim under the Policy, the customer must provide an Affidavit identifying the Machine by serial number and verifying the theft to  A buy-back eligible Machine will be repurchased by SecuraStock at the Machine's original invoice price, subject to inspection by SecuraStock and any reduction for damage, misuse or abuse determined by SecuraStock, in its sole discretion. SecuraStock, prior to repurchase, will inspect the Machine at its factory upon arrival and evaluate it for any damage before processing the repurchase. SecuraStock will accept minor wear and tear, but not damage caused by misuse or abuse or damage occurring in transit. Freight and packaging to SecuraStock's factory is the responsibility of customer.


Full details are available on our Support Site at:

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